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Module Overview

This module has been designed to provide workers with an understanding of Hazard Management, and a 5-step systematic and methodical approach for controlling possible exposure to health and safety risks associated with hazards in the workplace.


Duration: 30 minutes


Target Audience

Suitable for Australian workers in all industries.


Learning Objectives

To provide learners with an understanding of how to use a 5-step hazard management process to identify, report, classify, control and review potential exposure to hazards and risk control measures, including the use of a risk assessment matrix, as well as the legislative requirements of the Hierarchy of Controls.


Business Outcomes

Improve workplace understanding of the importance of using Hazard Management and risk control measures as a proactive tool to manage Health & Safety in the workplace.  

Workplace Hazard and Risk Management Training - Hazard Management

  • This module provides learners with an understanding of how to respond to a workplace emergency, including the use of firefighting equipment, and evacuation procedures and post-action.

    All prices are in Australian Dollars.

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