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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between individual license and enterprise license?
    Individual license(s) purchased through Learneyo shop provides you with an access link for one learner. You can access the course(s) as many times as you wish, during your subscription period (three months). For organisations that require customisation/ multiple licenses, we can provide a tailored bundle, based on your needs. Contact us for more information.
  • What is the subscription period for courses purchased through Learneyo shop?
    The subscription period for any purchase on the Learneyo website is three months. During this period, you can access and retry course(s) as many times as you wish.
  • Can I transfer my purchase to another user?
    Sorry. Unfortunately, we do not offer transfer of purchase to another user.
  • Can I stop and pick-up from where I left off?
    Yes. Your progress is bookmarked to pick up where they left off when they log in later. The wonderful aspect of online learning is the flexibility of 'anytime, anywhere self-paced' learning.
  • If I don't do well in one of the assessments, can I retry it?"
    Yes, definitely! The purpose of these courses is the dissemination of knowledge in the specific areas. We encourage you to improve and refresh your skill.
  • Will I be able to do the course while commuting to work?
    Absolutely, if you have internet access. All courses are mobile enabled.
  • Can I pay for each course as I need?
    Yes. we also offer tailored bundles and annual subscription plans. Contact us for more information.
  • How often can I retry the course?
    As many times as you like during the subscription period.
  • How can I improve my scores?
    The only way to score high is by knowing the content. The modules have been designed to give you bite sized information to help you absorb the content and prepare you for the assessment sections. If you retry the assessment (and you always can), it has been designed to deliver a different set of questions for every new attempt. So, remember to pay attention, or review the content.
  • Do the courses provide comprehensive training for my corporate team?
    All courses have been designed by specialists with extensive expertise in each area. The courses provide a comprehensive range of knowledge based on the current regulatory requirements and legislations relevant to each topic area. Learners will receive a certificate upon successful completion of each module in the course.
  • Do I have to pay each time my team reviews a course?
    It is a one-time fee which provides access to the course through the subscription period. Learners can access and retry courses as many times as they wish during this time. We encourage learners to review and retry the courses to reinforce and refresh their knowledge.
  • How can I check if the members of my team have learned about the subject?
    The modules in each course have built in assessments. These assessments are designed to evaluate the 'performance' of the learners. The learners can see their scores as they progress through each module. Results are only available to administrators. All the assessments have been designed by cognitive behavioural specialists. They have an additional aspect of gamification, making the assessments engaging.
  • Can I check up on the performance of my team members?
    Sorry, that's not possible. All scores are private and secure. Only an administrator/supervisor will have access to individual team members assessment scores.
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