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Course Overview

All food businesses, such as supermarkets, delis, takeaways, restaurants, café’s etc have to comply with Australian food safety laws and standards - by selling food that is safe to eat and free of any contamination. This course will prepare you so that you will understand how to handle, store and cook food to keep it free of any contamination.


Duration: 45 minutes


Target Audience

Suitable for everyone within the service industry, and particularly targeted towards those who handle the preparation, storage and sale of food.



What You will Learn:

How to handle and store food properly and safely

Temperature controls

Avoiding contaminating food and how to avoid food poisoning and bacteria and contamination

Avoiding cross-contaminations

How to transport and receive food at a facility

Cleaning-up and pests/animal control

Avoiding customers falling ill


Learners Will Be Able To:

How to handle food properly

How to store food safely

Refrigerating and heating food procedures

Heating and cooling foods

Monitoring food temperatures

Avoiding contamination food and 

Symptoms of and how to avoid food poisoning

The role of Bacteria and contamination

Risks, and cross-contaminations

Transporting and receiving food at a facility

Ready-to-eat food procedures

Cleaning-up and pests and animal control

Food allergens and avoiding customers falling ill

Safe Handling of Food

  • Protect yourself, your customers, and your reputation with The Safe Handling of Food course.

    Avoid costly penalties and prevent food-borne illness by learning proper food handling techniques.

    Enroll now and stay ahead in the food safety business.

    All prices are in Australian Dollars.

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