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Course Overview

This course provides learners an understanding of the Chain of Responsibility, its associated legislation, and their responsibilities as part of the supply chain. 


Duration: 1.5 hours


* Enroll for the entire suite or individual modules.

Module 1: Introduction to the Chain of Responsibility - 30 minutes
Module 2: Chain of Responsibility for drivers - 25 minutes

Module 3: Chain of Responsibility for executives and managers- 20 minutes
Module 4: Chain of Responsibility for other workers - 20 minutes


Target Audience

Suitable for all workers in the Australian heavy vehicle transport industry, from frontline staff to executives and managers.


Learning Objectives

To provide learners with an understanding of their role and responsibilities under the Chain of Responsibility, and the scope of the Heavy Vehicle National Law legislation. 


Business Outcomes

Improve workplace health and safety for all employees.  

Meet HR compliance of workforce participation quality OH&S training endorsed by industry specialists. 

Chain of Responsibility - FULL SUITE

  • This course has been designed to provide various workers in the transport supply chain an understanding of their specific role/s under the Heavy Vehicle National Law, and their responsibilities within the Chain of Responsibility.

    All prices are in Australian Dollars.

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