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The case for online learning

The classroom paradigm has forever changed. Whether it’s for study, for work or for pure enjoyment, more and more people are choosing to absorb information online with video content fast becoming the norm. 

Traditional face to face and on-site training is resource intensive, costly and can be difficult to monitor and evaluate. 

Incorporating video content into training programs increases knowledge retention by up to 65%.

Online learning offers smart, cost effective and future proof solutions to compliment or replace existing face-to-face training and events.

Our online learning solution

  • Scalable and cost-effective 

  • Flexible, available anytime, anywhere and self-paced

  • Easily updated 

  • Can offer multi-lingual versions 

  • Monitored in real-time

  • Evaluate pre and post learning and impact

  • Individual and aggregated user data that can be matched to learning objectives and assessment levels

  • Provide insights into competency, preferences and behaviour



Custom design to reflect your organisation’s brand

Interactive assessments

Accessible on mobile, tablets and PCs

Meet online learning and accessibility standards

Incremental, linear learning where content is accessed progressively as users successfully complete each online module



Courses can be freely accessed by providing URL links sent directly to target users (employees, subscribers)

 Online learning solutions are SCORM1.2 or SCORM 2004 compliant and cross browser tested

Secure data storage compliant with Australian privacy laws

Automated user login account generation



User friendly interface for users and administrators

Automated book marking so users can pause and return at their convenience

Customised evaluation, completion certificates and reporting 

Ongoing technical support via phone and email

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